What are the main benefits of Heat Recovery Ventilation?

The following are some of the benefits:

  • Your home will have a constant supply of fresh air with higher comfort levels.
  • Overall air quality within the house is significantly increased which is of benefit to all occupants especially Asthma & Hay Fever sufferers.
  • No condensation.
  • No fungal growth in bathrooms.
  • Fresh smelling bathrooms (air is constantly being changed no need for air freshener).
  • Less dust (windows are kept closed and all air in to house is filtered) less spiders as they feed on dust mites.
  • Extra security (windows closed no need to part guard alarm).
  • Quieter house less outside noise as windows are kept closed.
  • Lower heating bills.
  • Wake up feeling refreshed instead of groggy (due to lack of oxygen).

What will I see in each room?

You will see a supply air or an extract air valve in each room.  It is through these air valves that the fresh filtered air is supplied or stale air is taken away.

How often do I have to replace filters on the Itho ECO HRU 4 system?

Under normal conditions it is recommended that the filters on the Itho ECO HRU 4 models be changed every 12 months.

Can I change the Itho Eco HRU 4 filters myself?

Yes, it is very simple. We will show you how to change the filters when we install your system.

Is the Itho HRU Eco 4 system noisy?

Provided the Itho HRU Eco 4 heat recovery ventilation system is installed correctly, the system is extremely quiet. At the end of the installation process, the system is balanced to ensure the system runs as smoothly and quietly as possible. All our clients comment on the fact that they hardly notice the system working in the background.

How much does the Itho HRU Eco 4 system cost to run?

This depends on a number of factors – how the unit was sized, the size of the house, the design of the system and the type of ductwork used. While the unit does use a small amount of electricity, the amount of energy saved greatly out-weighs the amount used.

How often should the Itho HRU ECo 4 unit be serviced?

The unit should be checked every year. Basic servicing can be carried out by the owner. In order for the system to work correctly and effectively it is important that approved maintenance procedures are followed. The main component of maintenance is filter changing. Details on servicing of the unit will be explained to you on installation and are also contained in the user manual.

Does HRV work with all types of heating systems?

Yes, it works independently of your heating system. The unit recovers the heat from the warm air in the house. It doesn’t matter how that heat was generated, whether by oil, gas, wood pellet, electricity, heat pump or any other source. However, it is important to choose a heating system that will suit your needs.

Should every house have a HRV System?

It depends on the house. There would be no benefit to installing one in an old house with ‘natural’ draughty ventilation. However, if you are renovating an old house and intend to seal it and insulate it, then it is recommended.

Q. Do I still need a heating system if I am using a heat recovery system?
A. Yes. HRV is not a heating system, it’s a ventilation system. It recovers the heat you would ordinarily loose through natural draught ventilation, wall grilles and trickle vents etc.