Itho Advance HRV Unit

Itho Advance Heat Recovery UnitAs life evolves, all things adapt to the changing environment; they become fitter, sleeker, more adaptable, more refined, more compact and more powerful. Evolution is constant, delivering better and better results for the expended effort.

Like a finely honed wild animal built for performance, Advance – the new compact MVHR from Itho is meticulously tuned, high performance and with a Specific Fan Power (SFP) as low as 0.37 w/l/s, which easily outruns all of its competitors. Ideal for 2/3 bedroom apartments and houses, the SAP Appendix Q Eligible Advance is EST Best Practice Compliant for up to a Kitchen plus 4 wet rooms.

Smaller and lighter than its big brother, the HRU ECO 4, the Advance is designed for installation on walls and ceilings. Measuring just 595mm wide x 280mm deep x 700mm high, the SFP results demonstrate that this powerful little unit will give better results in the SAP Appendix Q.

The unique mounting frame of the Advance with 125mm easy fit spigots with rubber seals makes this one of the simplest installations around, and the filters are easily accessible from the front of the unit without the use of tools for its annual maintenance check.