Itho Heat Recovery Ventilation

Itho Ventilation Limited was recently launched as the UK division of Itho Group based in the Netherlands.

Itho Group is a long established leader in the ventilation market and has been in operation since 1919, offering energy efficient products for homes and businesses throughout Europe.

Part of Itho Group, the Netherlands based manufacturer and supplier of reliable and efficient climate solutions, Itho Ventilation Limited offers environmentally conscious SAP Q eligible ventilation systems that are perfect for compliance with the UK’s continually tightening building regulations.

Having invested enormously in energy saving technologies, Itho continue to research new ways to improve its products in order to remain one step ahead of Government legislation. Providing ventilation systems both with and without heat recovery, Itho’s aim is to provide fresh and comfortable living / working conditions by eliminating unwelcome odours and putting a stop to condensation and all its nasty after effects.

The SAP Q eligible HRU ECO 4 MVHR whole-house ventilation system is one of the most energy efficient systems on the market. Offering a heat recovery of up to 91%, the unit transfers heat from the extracted contaminated air and fuses it into the incoming fresh air in order to maintain optimum temperatures. Exceeding the Building Regulations Part L (conservation of energy in homes, offices and other buildings), fully complying with System 4 of Part F (Means of Ventilation) and complying with the improved standards as set in the Energy Saving Trust “Demonstrating Compliance – Best Practice (2006 edition), the HRU ECO 4 RF is an advanced system that is perfectly suited to meet the increasingly challenging targets set by the Government.